Knitting Malabrigo in a Camry, or My Midwestern Adventure

Bad blogger! No cookie! I can’t believe it’s been a month since I posted anything…so not good.

My excuse? Mr. Blue-eyes and I went on a road-trip for Thanksgiving. He’s from the midwest, so we drove…with Action Jackson in the back of our rented Toyota Camry…to Chicago. And then to Wisconsin. And then to Minnesota. And then back to Wisconsin. And then back home.

The Bicycle Socks and Pennsylvanias I-80
The Bicycle Sox and Pennsylvania’s I-80

For a grand total of 2,905 miles. Intense.

Despite the mileage, it was a great trip. Mr. Blue-eyes, Jackson and I got to spend some quality time (like 40+ hours of it) together, and we all came back in one piece.

I kept checking Jackson’s vitals, because scenes like this were a bit unnerving at after 10 hours in the backseat…

Passed out puppy
Passed out puppy
…Mr. Blue-eyes was as charming as ever…
Such a charming look...
Such a charming look…which was closely followed by a smile and laugh, btw
…and Jackson even got to have his first encounter with snow at a rest stop in Ohio.
OMG! Flying snow puppy!!
OMG! Flying snow puppy!!
Jackson and I held up as best as we could, though I won’t lie: At times, it was difficult.
On this particular morning, Jackson and I were not happy campers.
On this particular morning, Jackson and I were not happy campers.
I won’t bore you with all the family visits and hardcore Scrabble games and ridiculous sleep-deprived moments, but I’ll leave it at this:
1) We didn’t break up. Or kill each other. Far from it, actually.
2) Jackson, while a dreamboat in the car, was a wild man in the Midwest.
3) Next time, we’re flying.
I did manage to get some fiber time in on the trip, though. Behold the Malabrigo goodness:
Little lacy Malabrigo shells
Little lacy Malabrigo shells
Whatever genius decided that Malabrigo needed a sock yarn deserves a freaking raise. It’s superwash, it’s shiny, it’s not splitty and it’s beautiful.

The pattern is the Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern from Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks. Once I started actually paying attention to my knitting, it was a pretty easy pattern to memorize. So, while it took a while to knit the first sock, the second one is moving right along pretty well.
Oh, so pretty...
Oh, so pretty…
I’ve decided that these are for my grandmother for Xmas. She doesn’t think I’m giving knits this year, and for the most part I’m not, so she’ll be surprised for sure. Plus, I think she’ll love them.

I also had some time to spin on the trip, which Mr. Blue-eyes saw me do for the first time while we were in Wisconsin and which he found rather interesting. I’m working on some pretty tussah silk top that I got at Rhinebeck from Shadyside Farm.
Tussah top, in the Breeze colorway
Tussah top, in the “Breeze” colorway
This is my first “real” spinning, since I’m not planning anything spectacular with the mocha merino that I worked on and since I actually plan to ply and use this stuff…if I ever get through all of it! Holy smokes, I’ve still got so much left to spin!

Man, I really like spinning this silk, though, so it’s all good. It spins so easily on the little Bosworth spindle and it’s so easy to draft. I’m trying to spin it as fine as I can, so while it’s still a little uneven and a little slubby, I’m really happy with how it’s going so far.
Shiny silk singles
Shiny silk singles
Yeah, I’m pretty proud of that silk right there.

I did manage to knock out two quick, chunky alpaca projects before I left for the midwest: a Half-pipe Hat from Deb Stoller’s Son of Stitch n’ Bitch (which is a great, simple and satisfying project, btw) and a skinny, squishy garter-stitch scarf made up of all the chunky alpaca scraps in the stash.
More on those to come!