Holy moses, has traffic on this little blog gone up lately! Maybe that’s a side effect of actually posting on a semi-regular basis, but regardless of the cause, thanks for reading!

Getting to the point of this posting, though, let me just say that my goal was to stick to socks.

I mean, it “is”. My goal is to stick to socks.

I keep telling myself this. But, my eye is wandering. And I am a weak, weak knitter. And I keep seeing pretties that I just can’t ignore.

No! my rational side proclaims. You’re supposed to be knitting socks! A whole mess of socks! You love knitting socks! You have so much sock yarn! Sockie, sockie, socks! 

So why do I still have sweaters on the brain? Why do my fingers crave casting on a couple hundred stitches and knitting stockinette for miles? Why do I feel the need to start another massive, time-consuming project when so many instant-gratification opportunities are right at my fingertips.

Because of this:

Well, hello there Miss Betty Jean
Well, hello there Miss Betty Jean

This is Betty Jean MacNeil (Rav link), a cardigan designed by Emily Johnson. Not only does Betty Jean have a great story, Betty Jean is beautiful. And smart. And right up my alley.

And knit on fabulously tiny needles. Because hello, my name is Weaselmomma, and I love torturing myself with small-gauge sweaters.

Now here’s the really sticky part. Here’s why I’m facing such a dilemma. Betty Jean, as written, is an alpaca sweater. Me and alpaca no likey each other. We’re talking mega itch factor.

But low and behold, what could work at a similar, completly fudge-able gauge? And what do I know I can wear? And what is one of my new favorites ever? And what just happens to be at 1/2 price closeout from Webs right now?

Why, Cashcotton 4 ply, of course.

And I just can’t convince myself that a “Biscuit” sweater…

Creamy Biscuit Cashcotton
Creamy “Biscuit” Cashcotton

…with “Vivid” argyle colorwork…

Pretty Vivid Cashcotton
Pretty “Vivid” Cashcotton

…wouldn’t rock as nothing has rocked before.

Mark my words: No good will come of this.

A victim of circumstance. And weak, weak will.


And before you say it…because I know you’re thinking it…yes, I realize that I haven’t even posted about the Apres Surf Hoodie. And yet, here I am. Posting about another sweater pattern.

Well, fine. Here. Does this make you happy?


Ok, so this isn’t a modeled shot. But it’s the only picture I have, and as it is I stole it from Katie just for you all. Someday I’ll find a willing volunteer to take some real shots for me. Hopefully, when that day comes, I’ll still fit into the sweater!

And by the way, if you’re registered, GO VOTE today! Regardless of party, ideology, politics or what-have-you, get out there and exercise your rights!