Dog Days

The icky stomach flu is *finally* subsiding. Whew! This one lasted for a while, but thankfully I finally appear to be on the mend.

Madori’s sure happy about that.

Hey Momma!
Hey Momma! Look at me sitting on my bum!

She’s been a bit under the weather for a couple days…something having to do with chilly fall-like weather (which she absolutely loves) switching to uncomfortable humidity (which nobody loves)…so my feeling better means that I’m not all bleh and sleepy. So I can take care of her. And snuggle on the couch. And dote on her.

Because she is the queen, afterall.

The wee pooch-ski, who, after an extensive name selection process, has officially been dubbed “Jackson,” is adapting well. Accidents are at a minimum. Teething is in full gear. Cutness level is at Code Red, which Mr. Blue-eyes believes is an adaptation that dogs like him must have evolved as a survival mechanism…because no harm could ever befall a creature as adorable as this:

A sleepy little puppy
A sleepy little puppy

Yeah. I know. So sweet it makes your teeth rot just looking at him.

He got tossed in bed next to me Sunday morning, and let me tell you: There’s nothing like being woken up at 8:30 a.m. to little puppy running dreams right next to you.

Madori’s still not impressed. She’s four now, and seems to really enjoy the company of adult dogs. Puppies…not so much.

She also likes to sit in my lap while I knit. Actually, she tries to sit on the balls of yarn. I believe it’s an attempt to thwart my knitting efforts and get me to pay attention to her. Devious little dog.

Devious! Not me! ::wink, wink::

Jeez, she’s so fluffy coated right now, I just want to spin her fluff into a worsted weight and knit something, like a soft cowl or a skinny scarf. She’s so freaking cozy!

Speaking of yarn, the hoodie’s coming along splendidly, although it has taken some modification. While I added an inch to the body, I’m adding a whopping three inches to the sleeves: one in stockinette and two in the lace pattern. I’m really glad I bought an extra ball of yarn. While the yardage on the Cashcotton is really awesome, I may just need the ninth ball to finish this sweater.

So I’m about an inch away from the cap shaping on the sleeves. After that it’s i-cord bind-offs, blocking, seaming, the hood and the neckline finishing. Then, voila! Fin! 

Very exciting.


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