Dog Days

The icky stomach flu is *finally* subsiding. Whew! This one lasted for a while, but thankfully I finally appear to be on the mend.

Madori’s sure happy about that.

Hey Momma!
Hey Momma! Look at me sitting on my bum!

She’s been a bit under the weather for a couple days…something having to do with chilly fall-like weather (which she absolutely loves) switching to uncomfortable humidity (which nobody loves)…so my feeling better means that I’m not all bleh and sleepy. So I can take care of her. And snuggle on the couch. And dote on her.

Because she is the queen, afterall.

The wee pooch-ski, who, after an extensive name selection process, has officially been dubbed “Jackson,” is adapting well. Accidents are at a minimum. Teething is in full gear. Cutness level is at Code Red, which Mr. Blue-eyes believes is an adaptation that dogs like him must have evolved as a survival mechanism…because no harm could ever befall a creature as adorable as this:

A sleepy little puppy
A sleepy little puppy

Yeah. I know. So sweet it makes your teeth rot just looking at him.

He got tossed in bed next to me Sunday morning, and let me tell you: There’s nothing like being woken up at 8:30 a.m. to little puppy running dreams right next to you.

Madori’s still not impressed. She’s four now, and seems to really enjoy the company of adult dogs. Puppies…not so much.

She also likes to sit in my lap while I knit. Actually, she tries to sit on the balls of yarn. I believe it’s an attempt to thwart my knitting efforts and get me to pay attention to her. Devious little dog.

Devious! Not me! ::wink, wink::

Jeez, she’s so fluffy coated right now, I just want to spin her fluff into a worsted weight and knit something, like a soft cowl or a skinny scarf. She’s so freaking cozy!

Speaking of yarn, the hoodie’s coming along splendidly, although it has taken some modification. While I added an inch to the body, I’m adding a whopping three inches to the sleeves: one in stockinette and two in the lace pattern. I’m really glad I bought an extra ball of yarn. While the yardage on the Cashcotton is really awesome, I may just need the ninth ball to finish this sweater.

So I’m about an inch away from the cap shaping on the sleeves. After that it’s i-cord bind-offs, blocking, seaming, the hood and the neckline finishing. Then, voila! Fin! 

Very exciting.

Man’s Best Friend

I have no socks on the needles right now (except for the Regal Afghan Slippers and those SWTC Oasis socks, which…let’s be honest…may never be finished).

It’s so weird. I almost always have a sock going, but I’m exercising a surprising bit of project monogamy with the Apres Surf Hoodie. I’m really excited about this sweater.

Lovely lacy little waves
Lovely lacy little waves


The yarn is an absolute dream (How can you go wrong with cotton, angora, polymide, rayon AND cashmere? That’s right….you can’t!). The fit is going to be phenomenal. The lace is tedious, but well worth it. And the needles….oh, the needles.

Addi, my darling, my sweet I loved you before. But I love you even more now that you are designed for lace. I don’t even mind that the brass finish is sticker than the nickel plating. Don’t mind it a bit.

Both the back and front are knit. I’m working both sleeves at once, and so far I’m finding it was a good choice. They’re perfectly identical. I’ll have a sweater in no time! Score!

Not much got knit on the hoodie this weekend though. Despite catching the icky stomach bug that’s plagued the office for the past two weeks (and it is no fun, let me tell you), I joined Mr. Blue-eyes for a trip to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, New York, that is. And why did I suffer nausea, heartburn and several long swigs off a big ‘ole bottle of Pepto?

For this priceless moment right here:

A Blue-eyed Man, and His New Best Friend
A Blue-eyed Man, and His New Best Friend

Let’s hear it. The collective, “awwwwww…..”

I know, I could have done with less lens flare. But face it: It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

So, we drove to Amsterdam to pick up a pooch from the lovely ladies of the Jackson’s Legacy Bully Breed Rescue, even though the little dude isn’t a bully breed. (Far from it, the little guy’s a lab/border collie/Aussie shepherd mix.) And the sweet-faced little pisser moved into the big city with Mr. Blue-eyes this weekend. And so far, the new roomies are getting along OK.

They still have some differences of opinion to sort out, though. Mr. Blue-eyes prefers no chew marks on his new Ikea furniture; I have to say I’m with him on that one. Poochie-kins believes he should be able to leave puddles of piddle on the hardwood floors; Mr. Blue-eyes respectfully disagrees.

And, what does Madori think?

Well, the jury’s still out on that one, but it’s probably something like, “Yadda, yadda, yadda…keep that puppy away from me…yadda, yadda, yadda…Momma, stay home from work today, you’re sick, we’ll snuggle…yadda, yadda, yadda…Back off weasel!! Back off!!!!….yadda, yadda, yadda…I NEED CHEESE!!!!! GIVE ME CHEESE!!!!!”
Probably something like that…

Crazy Days, with FOs!

The past few days have been c-r-a-z-y!

Last Saturday, ‘Lil Bro and I moved Mr. Blue-eyes into his new pad. It’s an absolutely beautiful apartment in a building I have loved since I was a small child. One problem: Mr. Blue-eyes has lived as a nomadic batchelor for a very, very long time…and thusly has, well had, no furniture. I’ve never known anyone else who could pack their entire apartment in exactly four hours. Which, in this situation turned out to be a very good thing, since he didn’t get back from Los Angeles until late Friday night. But this new apartment is empty…or was…but I digress.

Last weekend was also Mr. Blue-eye’s birthday, and coincidently his folks were in New York for the U.S. Open. So dinner at Max Fish (awesome seared yellow fin!) was in order, as were gifts of new artwork for empty, 20-foot-high apartment walls.

Monday was a relaxing Labor Day picnic down on the farm with my family, full of laughs, card games, horseback riding, good food and good beer (not necessarily in that order).

Say hello to the handsome Mr. Blue-eyes...dont mind the demented look on my face...
Say hello to the handsome Mr. Blue-eyes…don’t mind the demented look on my face…

Tuesday was back to work after a week of vacation (in which much knitting ensued), and yesterday was a 5 hour, post-work excursion in a UHaul van here…which ultimately resulted in a soon-to-be-assembled-and-almost-fully-furnished-apartment. Were talking a couch, a chair, a footstool, a dining room table,  a TV stand, a sofa table, and a big-ass mirror…soon to be joined by some leather dining room chairs that were out of stock.

I’d like to say the place is now furnished and awesome, but that’d be a lie. Even the couch has to be assembled…so basically the place is full of cardboard boxes. Can we say, “project”?

While it’s been hectic and labor intensive, it’s been awesome to have so much time with Mr. Blue-eyes. He doesn’t have travel for work again for two whole weeks, and I’m determined to see him as much as possible. Luckily, he feels the same way.

On the knitting front, much has been accomplished. My new adventures in thrumming are going very well… 

A thrummy mitt!
A thrummy mitt!

…and I totally recommend Fiber Monster for, well, fiber. Her batts really are as beautiful as those photographs. The inside of this mitt is a thing of beauty as well.


 Sweet. The second mitt just needs a thumb, and then the first of the thrumming will be complete.

I also whipped out the first Everlasting Bagstopper….

The Original
Bagstopper: The Original

….and the second everlasting bagstopper.

The Sequel
Bagstopper: The Sequel

 I really love the handles on this bad boy too.

Little hand-painted beads, all in a row
Little hand-painted beads, all in a row

Both bagstoppers have already made it to the grocery store and the farmstand, with much success and appreciation.

Finally, I whipped out the second of these bad ass babes in one super-productive knitting day while on vacation.

The Hippy-Dippy-Happy Ti-Dye Socks
The Hippy-Dippy-Happy Ti-Dye Socks

Wah-bam! How freaking awesome are these?!?! I’m really pleased with the final socks. The short-row heel technique used in this pattern (Ann Budd’s toe-up recipe from Interweave) makes a nice, solid knit with no holes (yay!), but it gave me some trouble on the second sock…but not the first…some synapses were’nt firing in unison, obviously. I couldn’t be happier with these, though, and Big Sis is going to love them.

I just have to force myself to wait until Xmas to give them to her….that may actually prove difficult…