Point: Weaselmomma

It was a struggle, let me tell you. That buggar was pissed, to say the very least. The battle lasted quite a while, but in the end it was inevitable. Though there were doubters, the skinny chick with the little arms prevailed.


The victory was not without its costs, however.

Check out that gun show. Seriously, though…ouch. Two days later and I’m in some pain. And that’s nothing compared to the color purple at play on my arm now.

So worth it, though.

And, just to prove that I have actually been knitting (and knitting quite a bit actually, since Mr. Blue-eyes has been traveling for work so much lately, so I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands and a lot of time to spend at the knitting group) I give you socks…


…and more socks…


…and the coolest in-progress socks EVER!

For the record…there’s no color correction on these last socks…

…they truly are this vibrant and awesome. And it’s pretty sweet to knit off the scarf this way. Definately a fan of the new Happy Choices from Plymouth.

And for anyone interested in a freaking awesome time fishing on Long Island Sound, Captain Pete is the man. We didn’t catch any 50-pound stripers this week, but we still had a blast. And the 30-inch stripers we did catch were mighty tasty!


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