Scales, Macro Style


Why, hello there!

Now that I have this awesome little Pentax digital point-and-shoot camera, the Artifact has officially been retired to my camera museum. I’m still learning all the nifty things this puppy can do, including macro and supermacro. So Princess was forced to suffer as my macro model a couple weeks ago.

I’m not sure she minded all that much. She got to ham it up to the camera and play outside on the deck in Lovely little belly scalesthe sunshine for a while, which is a decent tradeoff for a boa constrictor.

The camera does have one shortcoming when it comes to photographing Princess, though I can hardly fault just this camera; it’s a common problem with photographic equipment. The problem is that I’ve yet to find a camera, digital or film, that can truly capture Princess’ coloration.

Princess is a red-tail boa, but she has this iridescence to her that’s just amazing. When the sun hits her, a rainbow sheen just glints off those scales…similar to the way that Brazilian Rainbow Boas shimmer, but far more subtle.

It’s so beautiful.

No camera yet has been able to capture Princess’ shimmer.

Although Princess’ name is, well, Princess, I’m becoming more and more convinced that she is actually a he. She’s getting far to old to be as small as she is and be female. And her tail is pretty long-normally something you see in males. Without going in for the old probe, the physical evidence is getting pretty convincing.

Regardless, though, the name stays. There’s too much history there to change it now. It’s too meaningful, so Princess will not become a Prince.

S/he will, however, be the subject of more photo shoots.

Pretty, pretty 

Simply amazing!

BTW: I swear, I have been knitting! I just haven’t been taking pictures!

I finished the Lumberjack Socks and actually have been wearing them around already, and I’m more than halfway done with the first Anniversary Sock. The Panda Silk is so gorgeous; I’m not sure how it’s going to wear, but I love knitting with it.

Also, in a fit of “I need to knit this!! Now!!” I purchased all the RYC Cashcotton 4 Ply (Citron colorway) to make the Apres Surf Hoodie from the new Interweave. However, I did not purchase the needles. Ugh, needle buying….