The Circle of Gifts

Hey! Some groovy socks!Since I’m becoming more and more known in the family for the knitting, gifts have become more and more…yarn oriented.

There are many benefits to this. And not just for me.

Take, as exhibit one, the last big holiday. I got a gift certificate to the LYS from Mom. With that certificate, I bought yarn, including the J. Knits sock yarn. With the sock yarn, I knit the Annetrelac socks. Which I gave to Mom. Who loves them dearly.

I’m calling it the Circle of Gifts. Give the gift of yarn, get the gift of a handknit, give more yarn. It works.

Exhibit 2: I frogged Mariah. She just wasn’t working with the huge cone of School A pile of tweedProducts tweed. Instead, the tweed decided it totally wanted to be Smokin’ from Son of Stitch n’ Bitch and it wanted to be for my stepdad.

So far: perfect fit. This yarn wants to be this sweater. And I can’t put it down. The inches are just cranking out. It’s a simple construction, but stepdad is super excited about it.

And, he gave gifts…


 …thereby ensuring…

Squishy alpaca

…that the Circle of Gifts continues.

BTW: Those entrelac socks were a blast to knit. They were the fastest pair of socks ever. The only mod was on the toe. I screwed up the first one, and graft it over 40 stitches instead of 20. Didn’t realize it until I finished the second sock. Then realized that I liked the fit of the messed up toe better. So, rip rip rip went the 20-stitch toe and in its place went the 40-stitch toe. A good move too. Mom keeps raving about the comfort. She may be a handknit sock convert.


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