My New Years Resolution?

Blog more.

Yeesh, what a bad little blogger I’ve become! And what have I been up to?


 Loving the log cabin

That is easily the most garter stitch that I’ve knit in years. But, it did serve two very valuable purposes: mindless knitting and stashbusting. Except for a whole mess of Red Heart (which will eventually become a log cabin itself…just not for a while), I managed to wipe out the majority of the acrylic in the stash.

Which also meant some stash replenishment was in order, especially with gift cards to the Kureyon Sock JaywalkerLYS and new knitting books to drool over from the holidays. And who can say no to Noro?

OK, I’m sure that plenty of people would actually say no to Noro…because it’s scratchy as all get out. Which is why it’s going nowhere near my sensitive neck…in fact, it’s going as far away as possible: my feet.

Enter Jaywalkers # 2. The first set went to Big Sis for Xmas, and she loved them. In fact, she ripped off the socks she was wearing and put them right on. Since it was such a quick and easy pattern, and since it shows off colorways really well, it was a shoo-in for the Noro.

There was also a bit more stash inhancement in the cards…

Some Cascade 220…

220 Gray220 Teal

…some J. Knits Superwash Me sock…


…and some merino/silk laceweight.


Rock on.


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