Well, little man. You made it another year.

Wow. Six years.

This has been a rough one, too, I know. And, like everything else in your little life, we’ve gone through it together.

It’s hard to say what this next year will bring. I hope I get to see you on your seventh birthday. We’ve beaten the odds so many times that I Pipworry we may have run out of luck this time around. It broke my heart to learn that’s you’re running on one kidney now. Kinda feels like I’ve failed you. But, I know you’re not thinking like that. Not at all. You’re a here-and-now kind of kid. That’s always been part of your charm, and part of why I love ya as much as I do.

I know not everyone gets why you kiddos mean so much to me. I always tell them, “If you met Pip, you’d know,” and it’s so true. You’re very special, buddy. And these past six years have gone so fast.

So, Happy Birthday, Pip! I love you oh, so, much!


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