Back…With WIPs

Yes, yes I did survive the first major holiday of the holiday season. And Black Friday shopping…survived that too.The rare self-portrait...

Did ‘cha miss me?


So, with the holiday and my personal commitment to avoid all things holiday knitting related, I had a glass of wine with Startitis and we had a little holiday party of our own.

First came the herringbone mittens…or mitten, rather…in the lovely School Products Yak Merino. This is great yarn and it makes a nice fabric. The thumb turned out kinda shallow on this bad boy, though I’m not sure if that’s the pattern or just my knitting.

A lonely mittenAnd, in true Startitis fashion, there’s only one mitten of herringbone goodness at this point.

There is, however, not only enough Yak Merino for the matching mitt. There’ll be quite a bit leftover as well.

Probably enough for this awesome little number. I will have to buy a new circular needle, though. I had some serious issues with knitting hats all on dpns, but needle purchasing is not my thing.

On a semi-related tangent, I think these are just about the prettiest needles I’ve ever seen. These (and the Lantern Moons) make me want to try to use wooden needles.Mariah, kinda...

But, I digress.

Startis also made me grab that ginormous cone of wool-silk-cotton-rayon blend Italian tweed from School products and my pink aluminum Susan Bates to cast on for Mariah. I already had to frog an inch, only because of my own inability to pay attention to what I’m doing at times, but I’m digging her so far.

Log Cabin

Startitis wasn’t finished with me there, though.

Startitis took a good hard look at The Stash and decided that there was way, way too much leftover yarn from other projects and way, way too much acrylic and acrylic blend sitting around in there for comfort.

However, since I can’t stand to throw anything away, and since Startitis is just so compelling, a Mason-Dixon-esque log cabin blanket started evolving.

There’s no rhyme or reason here. No color scheme in mind at all. Only a tote bag full of oddballs and my US 10s.

So far, I’m actually really liking this project. There’s way more room in the stash now, the blanket itself is kinda neat looking, and it’s really great mindless knitting. Lots’n’lots of garter stitch

The only real problem: I’m going to have to buy a new needle. Soon. This puppy’s getting big already. Can we say 40″ circ? Oy…


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