A Keeper

I know what I said.

I know I said that the flame lace scarf was a gift…specifically, a gift for mom. Blocking out

And, really, I did have every intention of actually giving it to mom when I cast on.

But I just couldn’t, for a number of reasons.

First is the color. It worked lovely with the pattern, no weird pooling or anything. And it’s such a lovely color.

Second is the pattern. So simple, at times tedious, but the swirls and yarn overs are just heavenly.

Third is that this is my first major lace project that I’ve actually completed. I’m pretty proud of that.

Ummm, malabrigo...Fourth is the yarn. The Malabrigo lace has such body to it. It drapes amazingly. I’m enamored with it.

And finally, perhaps my most compelling reason for holding on to this one: This is the only merino that I’ve been able to put around my neck. There’s no itch. At all. Malabrigo worsted: itches like crazy. Malabrigo lace: no itchies. Go figure.

How could I possibly be expected to let go of that?!?

Tangled Yoke has buttons, and actually got worn once already to good reviews. In the Linen Isle, it’s too casual for work (since I have to be all businessed-up for So. Many. Yarn overs.work), but it looks great with jeans. Photos and an FO post to come, at some point.

I’ve also decided against holiday knitting this year. Last year, I over-extended myself, and knitting became a chore instead of a pleasure. So, this year I have a couple of FOs already ready to gift. And if I happen to have some new ones ready by the holidays, then groovy.

But, no lists. No deadlines. No hand cramps and wrist braces. No stiff neck. None of that.

What’s up next? Need to buy needles (NNOOO!!!) to start the knee-high entrelac socks, and last night I started swatching for Mariah with my massive School Products Italian tweed cone, though I think I’ll be leaving off the hood.


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