Hello Gorgeous

Thank you, Macys.

Because of you, my weekend-o-crap last week was made a little bit brighter. Literally.

I was actually asked where the batteries go in these thing. Don't step on my blue suede shoes!

Response: Not in the heels! No room!

Yowza, that’s a heel. When you said 4.5 stilleto, you weren’t kidding. Surprisingly comfortable, though, which I wasn’t really expecting.

And having to go with a size 8 (only because they seem to run on the big side)…yeah, a total plus. The idea of smaller feet is totally awesome.

Thanks for the sale price too and accepting one of my many, many coupons. You helped make an otherwise sucky weekend a lot better.

Pretties!I guess that I have to thank you, too, Marc Fisher, for designing such lovely shoes. And for making the insides of the shoes as awesome as the outsides. Reflective silver. Nice touch.

And thank you too, pedicure lady, even though you cut my big toe and kept scraping the cut with the file. Pain is beauty, right. But on the serious side…ouch.

And last but not least, thank you Radio 104 for coming back. I’ve missed you terribly over the past, what, 6 years? Music in Connecticut has been lacking without you. Welcome home.

Been dealing with stomach ickiness for the past few days, so not much new to report. The Malabrigo scarf is about 3 feet long now, and I’m going button hunting today for Tangled Yoke.


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