Weasel!!!!Since, for many reasons, I’ve reached the point of total physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, I’ve taken to immersing myself in the things that I enjoy the most: my family, my knitting, new yarn, the weasels, Madori, and work (because despite the high-stress, I really love my job).

As such, not only have I kicked some serious tail at work, I’ve managed to make some serious progress on Tangled Yoke.

It's a sweater!All this puppy needs now is a second button band, some super rad buttons, and a good washing. I’m psyched that it’s coming along so well now, and the few modifications that I made to the pattern are definately working.

Course I did have to break down and spring for a couple new needles. I welcomed a US 0 32″ Addi Turbo and a US 4 32″ Addi Turbo to the needle stash. And while I was at the LYS, well, how could I not engage in a little retail therapy? A hank of Malabrigo lace weight and 5 skeins of Claudia Hand Paint fingering weight came home with me. The Malabrigo’s for a lace scarf; the Claudia for Eunny Jang’s knee-high entrelac socks, a pattern I’ve been drooling over since I got my copy of the spring Interweave.

This is on top of the tweed and merino lace weight cones and the yak and camel skeins I also ordered from School Products. Bad little yarn stasher! I’ve been drooling over their Web site for quite a while and could no longer resist the urge to place an order and check Why me?them out. Plus, some of their coned yarn is on sale…perfect timing. If I like the quality, I may have to spring for one of those $50 silk cones…or a slightly more expensive cashmere cone. Ooooohhh, cashmere…

I’ll have some lovely new yarn photos to share when the order comes in.

Despite the freaked-out look on Madori’s face in the first photo, she was raised with the ferrets. I don’t know why she gave Buddha such a wide-eyed worried glare, other than the fact that the bed is her turf, but it’s an awesome shot.

She was supposed to be a skunk for Halloween, but her costume’s a bit small and she hates it anyway. I think she looks pretty darn cute as Intellectual Madori in my glasses, though.

She’s probably secretly plotting her revenge…