Warning: Knitting-Related Spoiler…Really

Pushing DaisiesMy favorite new show of the season is most definately “Pushing Daisies.” The previews and commercials for it intrigued me, and by the first episode…yeah, totally hooked.

Last night was Episode 2, and I actually put down Henry to watch it.

Totally hooked.

As if the premise and the fairy tale and the rich color of it wasn’t enough to make it fabulous, the characters are adorable and the actors do a fine job.

And best of all…Emerson Cod knits!

In last night’s episode, he was so stressed in the week that Chuck had been back that he knit “a sweater vest and two handgun cozies.” And the knitting needle saved them from the body bags in the car!

So, Henry only got two more rows added to him, and I fell even more in love with this show.

No new shots of Henry, because really, what does two rows do. And Tangled Yoke…yeah, we’re still not on speaking terms…

Awesome show…

PS: I am not in any way affiliated with the ABC Network.


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