RevealedI think all knitters stash.

The idea of pulling out some gorgeous hank or skein out right when you want it is just so appealing to we the knit-a-holics.

I’d say that my stash is relatively tame. There’s a lot Ummmm...Malabrigo....of old acrylic and novelty yarn in there, waiting to be turned into stuffed toys (which will happen eventually…maybe).

But mixed in with the “Mink” eyelash yarn that’s leftover from my first year of knitting, when I couldn’t figure out how to purl so everyone got garter stitch “Mink” scarves; and behing the Sugar & Cream, leftover from that dishcloth kick I got over really quickly, there’s some real gems.

Like the three hanks of worsted weight Malabrigo “Oceanus” that I have no idea what to do with. Although Ahhh...Sundara...even the buttery Malabrigo cannot be wrapped around this neck, I love this yarn so much. It’s been in there for months.

Or the beautiful Sundara “Dahlia” merino sock yarn waiting to be woven into some lacy sock pattern that I have yet to decide. The color is so vibrant that it’s almost unbelievable.

(I have stared at and petted this yarn in the stash more times than I can count, but just can’t bring myself to wind it into a ball and cast on just yet. The perfect pattern has yet to manifest for me.)

And then there’s simple things, like the lone skein of Nature Wool. It’s Nature Woolpartner was worked into my first fulled purse…which helped me realize that fulling/felting just isn’t my thing.

Lately, this skien has been calling to me. I think it wants to be a pair of Fair-Isle mittens…but then again, maybe not.

Part of the beauty of the craft, to me, is that the possibilities are truly endless, and each skein tells it’s own kind of story: where it’s been and what it wants to be.

Like the Bamboo Wool. When I took 3 balls home, it had no idea what it wanted to be. But when we laid our eyes on Henry, it all came together. A perfect match of pattern and fiber.

Henry, growing every day

Henry’s about 27 rows in now and moving right along. The texture of the herringbone pattern is just fabulous, and the yarn really shows it to its fullest. If you love sheen and stitch definition, you’ve just gotta love bamboo.

A really big part of me just can’t wait to rip out that provisional cast on of magenta mercerized cotton. But another part of me is afraid of damaging the edge while I’m still knitting on it. And an even bigger part of me is afraid that the whole thing is going to just fall apart once that pink row is gone.

Oh, the anxiety…

Madori is actually fond of the stash.

The Queen Herself

It’s stored under the bed, and she loves sleeping under there, on top of the plastic container.


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