Confession: I hate buying needles.

There, I’ve said it. Out there and in the open. I can buy hanks upon hanks of gorgeous fibers, but buying needles is torturous.Needles

Maybe it’s because I’m picky about my needles. I mean, so much of knitting depends on the needle that you use. Gague. Speed. Drape. Hand cramping. Frustration and frogging. Choosing the wrong material or size needle can make knitting life hell.

My needle stash is notable devoid of bamboo, other woods, and plastics. I’m a metal chick. The despite the presence of other materials, the only non-metal needles that get any use are the bamboo US5 dpns. The bamboo ‘stick’ is not my favorite, and those dpns are my only bamboos that I can really stand to knit with.

These needle musing come as I’ve gotten less excited about Tangled Yoke, which is still in Tangled Yoke, on time outa crumpled heap on time out, and more excited about Henry. I wanted to make a men’s scarf that wasn’t even the least bit girly, and I’m a big lover of herringbone in general (rest assured, though, that in a different color, Henry could be quite girly…in this tweedy, heathery charcoal, however, Henry is becoming quite the preppy men’s accessory, IMO), so the ease of Henry’s herringbone goodness really rocks my socks. I also dig simple slip-stitch patterns, which almost always look more difficult than they truly are, so Henry’s tops in my book.

The only problem is that, while Henry started with 200-or-so stitches, Henry quickly gets doubled to 400-or-so stitches, which is fine for normal knitters. But for the needle-purchase-phobic, it means that all 400 of Henry’s fabulous tweedy slipped stitches are crammed onto my solo, 24-inch, US4 Addi Turbo.

To say that Henry is…crowded…is to put it mildly.

A crowded HenryHe’s working up fine, but there’s little wiggle room. And it takes a mite of adjustment to work a complete row of Henry; he’s not quite gliding around the circ like he would on, oh, a 30 or 36-inch needle….if I could be pursuaded to purchase one. But, I can’t. Or, at least I can’t until I finally have to knit the button band on Tangled Yoke, which will unavoidably require a new needle. A 24-inch just isn’t going to cut it.

This is no new problem for me, mind you. Tangled Yoke is crammed onto my 24-inch US5 Addi, and my complete inability to purchase a 16-inch circ means that all hats are knit exclusively on dpns (perhaps contributing to my tendency to make too-small-for-my-own-head hats?? Awww…the plot thickens…).Yummy Bamboo Wool with The Book

My needle-purchase-phobia, though, obviously hasn’t developed into a yarn-purchase-phobia. Or helped me with that yarn diet I worked so feverishly on this summer. The Moda Dea Bamboo Wool that is quickly becoming Henry was a total splurge…but what a fabulous splurge it was!


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