Preface:Ancient digitalThis artifact is, in fact, my digital camera. Circa 2000, this one-megapixel monster was cutting edge. Now…not so much.

While I guess she serves her purpose, if you’re looking for image quality you’re looking in the wrong place. If you’re looking for a zoom function or a detail shot, you’re also looking in the wrong place. Purchasing a new, modern camera has, unfortunately,  taken a backseat to yarn shoes weasel food student loan bills other things.

Because of this lack of quality digital photographic equipment (I’m rocking the film cameras, mind you; I was all old school when minoring in photography), I haven’t photographed a quarter of the projects that have flown off my needles since I first picked them up little more than 2 years ago. This truly tragic circumstance, however, brings an old FO to the artifact camera lens finally.

The Somewhat Cowl was my first sweater. I never thought I’d be a sweater knitter, but the Sweater Bug bit me and I fell in love with this one. I’m a fan of the cowls, and I own many a cowl-neck top. Once officially diagnosed with Sweater Fever, nothing could keep me from the LYS. I bought my very first Addis Turbos (thus igniting my obsession with Addis Turbos) and seven gorgeous black hanks of Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk. I exercised admirable project dedication, swatching, casting on and working continuously until I finished. It took about a month. I was so excited to wash and block it; the stitches evened so beautifully and the yarn had such lovely drape and sheen. And then, finally, I tried it on.

Only to find that it itched worse than anything had ever itched before. An itch that no conditioner would ease.

Oh, the itch...So now, for the sake of posterity, here it is. The Somewhat Cowl, in all it’s crummily photographed glory, ready and waiting to be frogged for lack of a better home. I have some plans for the yarn…obviously that project won’t be for me, though.

It’s kind of tragic to frog your first sweater, but I can’t see keeping such beautiful yarn, yarn that can be knit into a project that will bring a loved one of mine such joy and warmth, stitched into a sweater destined to sit in my dresser forever. While a nicer picture would be wonderful, I don’t think I could bear to put the thing on again. Besides, I’ve taken some very important things away from this sweater: the knowledge that my skin won’t tolerate most animal fibers and that sweaters are really rewarding knits for me.

Which brings me to the Tangled Yoke. While they, too, are crummily photographed and barely even visible here, the loopy little cables are starting to take form.Tangling the Yoke I’ve never knit an Interweave pattern before, let alone deciphered an Interweave chart, so the first couple cable rows were tinked multiple times to the chorus of many a frustrated curse word from these Italian lips. But, no crises to speak of, and it’s on track now.

I’ve already started the not-so-subtle hint dropping…perhaps the next major holiday will manifest a shiny new digital camera with my name on it!


2 thoughts on “Tragic

  1. sophanne says:

    I have an unreadable Tangled Yoke Froggers Unite on my side bar that I made. I’ll clean it up this week. I like the idea of the letters being TYFU!

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