Rainy Day

Normally, I can’t say I’m a fan of rainy days. Especially a rainy day like today. It’s downright gloomy and drizzly. Plus, it’s that kind of icky damp that really gets into your bones and makes you all achy. However, we are so rain-starved that I’m not minding it all that much. The river, which I drive by every day, is so dried up that the sand bars have broken the surface. The only house on the street that doesn’t have a brown lawn is the house owned by the recently dubbed Green Lawn Jerk, who is obviously using a ton of water to keep his lawn that lush and green. And, the riding arena was a veritable dust bowl on Saturday. We won’t speak of the orfices that were full of dust.

Rain-loving basil

My basil is loving the rain, too. It’s been a twice-a-day chore to keep the bushy basil from wilting. The basil is lovely…and tasty…but it takes a ton of water to keep it happy, and it’s gotten to the point where we just use the sprayer on the kitchen sink and hose it off through the window to keep it watered. So, the basil is definatly grateful for some rain as well.

I’ve reached that pivotal moment with the Tangled Yoke Cardigan. You know, that moment where the reality of a project comes into full effect. At first it was a rectangle with a few increases and decreases thrown in, a bit of patterning, and inches upon inches of stockinette. Then it grew to three seperate pieces, almost discernable as a garment, but not quite there yet. Tangled Yoke Cardigan, sans tangled yokeNow, we’ve reached that moment, the moment where it’s definately a sweater. The shape is coming together. It’s practically ready to be tried on.

I’ve made a few adjustments to the pattern, mainly because I’m no petite cheri. While this is the smallest size, I’m almost six feet tall, and I like my sweaters to rest at the hip. When your torso’s as long as mine is, with legs as long as mine are, cropped anything tends to 1) always bare your midriff (something I don’t do), and 2) make you look even longer than you actually are. If you’re in need of some added length, hey, by all means rock out that cropped sweater. Personally, I have plenty of length already. No additional length required.

So, the body is about 2 inches longer than the pattern called for, and the sleeves are a good three inches longer, because, let’s face it, you only want 3/4 sleeves on a 3/4 sleeve shirt. A long-sleeve cardigan needs to be long sleeved.

And this one surely appears to be a cardigan now.Oh, the weaselie snugglieness!

And about those rainy days? I keep telling the weasels that they’ve got it made. When they’re feeling damp and chilly, they get to curl up in a snuggly tangle of warm ferret bodies. When I’m feeling damp and chilly, I just have a little dog to curl up with.

Sometimes, I wish I were ferret-sized just so that I could crawl into a sleepy weasel pile with them and cuddle up. They always look so comfortable together.


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