Down with the Stiffness

The knitting took second place yesterday. An old passion resurfaced for the day.Natalie 

When the chance to play around with pretty horses arises, how could I really say no?

While I used to ride constantly, and I started riding when I was 7 years old, it had been a while since I’d taken a shot at it. My saddle was…in less than desirable condition. After a good scrubbing, though, it was ready to go.

Lovely clean tack

This also required pulling out the old boots. Which did result in some lovely new blisters. But I’ll take blisters over broken toes any day, and these boots have saved mine on more than a few occassions. They may get a nice polishing before the next ride, though. They’re looking a little rough.

Can we say, 'yee haw!

But while blisters are not fun, severe head injuries are even less fun. The lovely ladies, Marquile and Natalie, were slightly rusty as well. It has been months since either had worn a saddle and carried a rider, and even longer since either had any kind of serious workout. Retired show horses, Marquile is Arabian, while Natalie is 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Saddlebred. MarquileThey were rambunctious to say the least, thus no on-horseback photography. Big Sis, who rode Natalie, and I had our hands full, and both horses and humans were quite sweaty at the conclusion. Marquile resembled a saddle bronc there for a while, but by the end of the ride her head was set, she was nicely collected, and if not for her amply overweight belly, she was almost reminiscent of the blue-ribbon western pleasure show horse that she once was.

I was expecting horrible saddle soreness today, but it’s not terrible. Just a general stiffness in my legs and shoulders. Guess I’m not in as horrid shape as I thought! It was rough getting up this morning, though. Luckily, Sweetie took me to breakfast at the Lafeyette Cafe. Ummmm, belgian waffle….with strawberries…and coffee….what a guy!


So, today there’ll be some knitting. My fingers are itching to get those needles going.Almost a sweater

So far, I’m liking the pattern. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to follow. The yarn’s a touch scratchy…on my hyper-sensitive skin…but I’ve a good feeling that it’ll soften nicely with a good washing.


One thought on “Down with the Stiffness

  1. K-Money says:

    Cool layout. I like the horses, and the picture of your breakfast (and Greg’s arm, hahaha)

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