…here I am. Not much, huh? Were you expecting fireworks right off the bat? Well, I do what I can.

And where better to start than Pip, because, as you’ll see, Pip is to blame for all of this.

Look! A weasel!

Long before knitting needles and stst and any of that, there was Pip, a sad little sick baby ferret in need of some care and a place to live. Pip’s going to be 6 in a few months, and we’re not sure how much longer Pip will be dooking around, but we’re enjoying however long we’ve got left.

After Pip came Min, then Lea. Then Leroy and Otto. Then Buddha and Spazz, Miranda, Whyatt. And, finally, Lizzy. And there you have it…ten weasels and a boatload of ferrety goodness.

Now the knitting….

Razorshell Lace Scarf of Doom

…that came later.


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